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Real estate is an inflation-proof investment offering more stable returns than other investment opportunities. Furthermore, conditions in Berlin are favourable for further increases in the value of real estate.

With its high-quality furnished studio apartments for students in a much soughtafter location, STUDIO HOUSE BERLIN is serving the stable target group of tenants that accompanies the third-level institutes in Berlin.

The studio apartments therefore offer investors an attractive foothold on the property ladder in Berlin or an ideal way to expand existing portfolios. Owners of studio apartments will not just have their own private residence; they will also have access to the attractive spaces and services in the common facilities. Rents will be paid from the moment an apartment is occupied, making this innovative living concept an attractive investment model.

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Berlin is Growing.
Why not Grow with it?

The number of students in Berlin is constantly growing. The Berlin Senate is expecting some 266,000 people to move to Berlin by 2030. Thousands of these new residents will continue to be students.

They are looking for small, affordable but attractive places to live that won't need major investment in furniture and equipment. At the same time, market supply is already short in the most popular central locations. The market data listed here illustrates Berlin's attractiveness.

Benefits forInvestors

Attractive Returns

Real estate offers investment opportunities with attractive returns when the balance between the scale of investment and the rental revenue is given, as it is with STUDIO HOUSE BERLIN.

A Product in HIGH DEMAND

The thriving and bustling city of Berlin, with its excellent thirdlevel education institutes, is a magnet for students from all over the world. With its furnished apartments, STUDIO HOUSE BERLIN is helping to meet the growing demand for student accommodation with a tailor-made concept.

A strong Economy

Germany has one of the world's strongest economies and offers a stable environment for real estate investments. According to well-founded projections of population and economic development, the German capital will continue to grow and expand in the decades to come.

All-Inclusive Package

If desired, the specialized property management company also administers the individual studio apartments in addition to the common areas. Furthermore, investors can take advantage of a professional letting service.

Reliable Partners

The renowned real estate companies Groth Gruppe and Investa Immobiliengruppe have decades of experience in project development, construction project realization and real estate management.

Benefits for Residents

Full Furnished

The studio apartments were developed by experienced interior designers with functional equipment, tailor-made furniture and maximum freedom of movement. The studio apartments all have their own bathroom and open kitchen and are equipped with high-speed Internet. Built-in cupboards and extra basement space offer plenty of storage options.

Vivid Communication

STUDIO HOUSE BERLIN promotes communication among the residents. Shared spaces make every-day life that bit easier and offer the perfect atmosphere for exchange and cooperation.

Colleges and Universities

Alongside the US and Britain, Germany is one of the world's three most popular places to study among foreign students. More than 40 places of higher education and 70 non-university research institutes make Berlin Germany's leading center of third-level education. This position is underlined by the growing number of students.

Popular City

Berlin enjoys a great international reputation as a center of culture, state-of-the-art technology, cutting-edge companies and a unique spirit that promotes creativity and innovation.

Accessible Location

Various bus stops, tram stops, subway stations and urban rail stations are located around STUDIO HOUSE BERLIN. The nearby transport hub of Gesundbrunnen also has regional, national and international rail connections. Secure basements offer a safe place for residents to park their bicycles.

Lean back and relax

The complex is run by a property management company that specializes in student accommodation and focuses on the owners' needs, sustainability and economic viability. It draws up budgets and payment schedules, coordinates the service companies (including cleaning and janitor duties) and closes maintenance and insurance contracts.

Investors can also entrust the management of the individual studio apartments to the agency, which will then attend to the tenant, manage rents and deposits, coordinate billing and take care of key hand-overs.

You can also commission experienced real estate managers to rent out your studio apartment. They will then take care of finding potential tenants, arranging viewing appointments and handing over keys.

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